Iterative Design Reading

The iterative design process as described in the reading this week was interesting to look at in terms of games. Every game is developed from a main idea, then a prototype is created and tested. After the initial testing, developers take any feedback from players and apply them to the game in order to improve it. I found this interesting especially after doing the motion assignment because the motion we individually looked at is the overall product of little movements and actions. In a way those miniature movements are all apart of the process that creates the overall product much like how a prototype is apart of the process when creating a game. Moving forward I can see how the iterative design process can be applied to our final projects because as we learn new lessons we are working through trial and error in order to complete the steps that will lead up to the final. Even further, the part of the iterative design process in which the outside players participate in the advancement of the game through feedback resembles our classes critiques. As we critique each others work we are helping each other in developing the best possible outcome for our individual projects. Overall, the iterative design process will play a strong roll as we work through each week leading up to our final projects.


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