Color Theory Response

Color theory is a way of approaching color schemes to achieve a wanted effect or visual. The first article explains how the eye works and how it perceives color. From there it explains additive color, subtractive color, and gives possible color schemes. I knew of basic color theory and was able to follow the reading up until it talked about subtractive color. Subtractive color was a bit confusing for me and understanding what color is absorbed to reflect another color lost me a bit. Other than that, I was able to understand the different color schemes like monochromatic, analogous, etc.

In the Goethe article, I like how he saw color as a mix of perception, lighting, and the object itself. Different combinations of the three can change the color of an object. How one person perceives an object will not be the same as how another person perceives that same object. It is interesting how something like color theory can reflect the differences among us as humans and how color theory can show us that everyone is unique.


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