Sound is a constant Neologism: Rhythm Science

Wow I really enjoyed this reading this by Paul D. Miller (aka) DJ Spooky. It makes sense to consider our thoughts as “unfixed rays” that stretch outward creating a path for our own ideas and improvisations to expand. I also really enjoyed how Miller made his piece almost interactive in a sense. He asks his readers to “process the words as you read them, remember this: They process you as well. Roam the interstices of globalization as a ghost in the machine…” (76) This passage really resonated with me because I like to examine things closely and take away the most out of reading and art. The later parts of Millers piece are a little more confusing, but overall I think it is extremely insightful and ahead of its time. It’s interesting to think or art and rhythm as a science, Miller really breaks this barrier especially when talking about his methods of composition.


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