Rhythm Science

This book was definitely an interesting read. Paul D. Miller made several captivating points but the one that stuck to me most was the idea that nothing is ever really new, regardless of what media source it is, in this case sound. Anything that is considered new is actually just an updated model of the previous thing, at least according to Miller. I do somewhat agree with this idea. We strive to create better and newer media that builds upon the old, and uses it as starting blocks in order to create a more advanced alternative. But there is something about the old that attracts us, we hold a certain nostalgia for it and sooner or later our newer versions very explicitly bring back styles that we refuse to improve on. But I do agree with him when he says that soon into the future, humanity will have technology so immersed in their lives that it will just be something that everyone is expected to have. Even today, some say we are too dependent on technology.

The most surprising argument from this book I would have to say is how Miller defends Dj-ing as a legitimate art form. I never gave much thought to Djs and how they mixed their music, but after reading this I can say that I haven’t been paying as much attention to their music as I should have. They each find a way to express their individuality through the mixes and beats that they combine. They take multiple other products to create one and call it their own. I think my favorite quote from this book would have to be “There’s so much information about who you should be or what you should be that you’re not left with the option of trying to create a mix of your very self.” And it’s definitely true, there is so much already put out there that we are supposed to like or not like and what’s popular and what’s not yet we rarely get the opportunity to try and create something out of it and add our own personal touch to it.

The book itself was also interesting. Its graphics were simple but stylistic and some also made sure to emphasize certain quotes that I believe Miller thought would be the most important for the reader. It managed to tie together a lot of concepts I wasn’t expecting to see but I was able to follow through was Miller was saying. The idea of rhythm science is something I had not heard about before, so all of this was new to me. Now I see things with a slightly different perspective that allows me to realize the process behind media. Because in the end it’s all a big loop that never ends. Something is created, someone else notices it and wants to either create something better or add their own touch to it. After that is created the process goes on and on and a smorgasbord of media is created.


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