500 Word Abstract

Project Abstract

The purpose of this project is to create a 30 to 90 second motion graphic video that captures and illustrates the family that is the core of the Boston Bruins NHL team. Coming into this project I wanted to not only learn new effects that could be applied to video and text but to learn how different effects can contribute to the story itself.

The beginning of my project starts off with an animation of scale of the Boston Bruins logo. The logo itself overlays the a video montage of the TD Garden (where the Bruins play), as well as different plays, hits, and goals that illustrate how electric and intoxicating the professional hockey environment can contain. Once the Bruins logo fills the screen entirely, it is then quickly “burned” off to reveal a clear image of the video montage that has been playing the entire time. The moment the logo burns off, there is an video of a very physical fight between a Bruin player and a Canadians player. Having the fight as the first clear video the audience witnesses, it is like they are getting hit as well while the players are fighting.

The video then transitions to showing player actions to showing fan excitement. The fans are a crucial part to all athletic teams, but the Boston Bruins fans in particular are especially loyal to their team and their town. Throughout this video, I strived to gain the attention and interest of those who are not familiar with professional hockey in order to show them how truly amazing this sport is and the community that lies behind it. Having quick edits of screaming, excited fans allow for a strong editorial energy that naturally comes even without sound. For the first drafts of the video, I plan on not using sound so that I can create a visual energy to drive my work from start to finish. Once I feel I have enough visual energy throughout my video I will then add in a strong pump-up song to put the cherry on top.

Moving forward in the video, I transition back to the players as I highlight three key players of the Boston Bruins. The first highlight is of the enforcer, Brad Marchand. Marchand is the bad ass of the Bruins who plays hard every single game while also having a sniper of a shot. Next is the assistant captain Patrice Bergeron. Bergeron is an excellent leader who the Bruins have turned to for many seasons to be the glue of the team. Lastly is the 6’9″ captain himself Zdeno Chara. Chara is a powerhouse who is recognized by Bostonian sports fans across the country. These three players have been key to the success of the Bruins franchise and including them in my video only contributes to the intensity and Boston culture vibe that I am striving for.

To finish the video I will use another motion graphic created out of the Boston Bruin’s “B” logo. I am not fully sure how I am going to animate that graphic but I feel it will come to me as I mess put the video together. The final video following the motion graphic is the Boston bear that follows every pregame pump-up video. This bear is important to me personally because it fully caps off a Boston Bruins filled video in the only way I could see fit which is that of the Bruin growl.

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