Final Project

My final project for this class will be a live motion video of one of my best friends, that I have known since kindergarten, demonstrating his amazing juggling talent. Coming into this project I had no prior use of any editing software other than photoshop, and I wanted to show that with a little inspiration anyone could illustrate the beauty of motion.

The beginning frame of my video starts with a visual blur of the juggler for multiple second, then unblurs showing clearly who the juggler is and what he is doing. I wanted to  add my beginning frame like this to add mystery and really draw the viewer in. I also added a text effect that moves around I used a basic text tool animation to do this and the use of anchor points to make the text move around and off the screen.

My second frame will be from a vertical point a view showcasing a large background, I am doing this to compare how small the balls are to the rest of the area around, continuing with the scene the juggler will throw the ball out of the frame, hopefully causing tension among the viewer and then the ball will then come back into frame all while in slow motion, this is to really showcase the motion of each and every movement that the juggler makes to catch the ball and the movement the balls make getting from point A to point B.

The third frame will be of the juggler in a tree juggling the balls however the way I take the video, I will be able to create a reverse effect making the ball actually go backward while everything else is going forwards, I want to do this to showcase that not everything is always as it seems and with good editing, you can alter motion. The balls will start from the air and work their way into the jugglers hand during this time the frame will be black and white and when the balls hit the jugglers hand the color will come back in.

The fourth frame will be a pan view of the camera moving from left to right and the juggler will slowly be brought into the frame while on his back juggling the balls and then he again will slowly move out of the frame as the camera continues to pan away. While all this is going on I will add a text animation titling the name of the song and giving credit to the band

The final frame will be of the juggler juggling all the balls in the air and then hitting them all down, this is just to signify the ending of the video and add a little humor to it as well.

My song choice for this video will be “4” by Aphex Twin. I decided to choose this song because of all the little beats in the background I think they will go really well with the motion of the balls and the two will look very in sync.

My biggest take away from this project is that prior to it I had never had any video making experience, and this project was my first. So I just wanted to be able to show that with hard work and iteration you can create anything and thats what I ended up doing and I’m very happy with how my project came out.


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