A Response to the Iterative Design Process

This was a very interesting article. I never realised how the process of making a game could be so similar to the process of creating a motion graphic. The iterative design process, in which the designer designs, tests and refines is surprisingly very applicable to many modern creative projects in which we can edit our mistakes without destroying them. In the digital world, this process could be applied to motion graphics, movie editing, architecture, or really any art done on a computer. Just like Eric Zimmerman interacts and receives feedback from the players while he is creating a game, we can use our classmates to basically test and critique our work before it is finished. I think this is an important component of any artistic project because we often find ourselves bound by our own opinions and find it hard to alter things unless others voice their opinion. Just as a business uses “market validation” to test the product before it is released, we must adopt this iterative design process to test our motion graphics before they are finalised.