Sound is a constant Neologism: Rhythm Science

Wow I really enjoyed this reading this by Paul D. Miller (aka) DJ Spooky. It makes sense to consider our thoughts as “unfixed rays” that stretch outward creating a path for our own ideas and improvisations to expand. I also really enjoyed how Miller made his piece almost interactive in a sense. He asks his readers to “process the words as you read them, remember this: They process you as well. Roam the interstices of globalization as a ghost in the machine…” (76) This passage really resonated with me because I like to examine things closely and take away the most out of reading and art. The later parts of Millers piece are a little more confusing, but overall I think it is extremely insightful and ahead of its time. It’s interesting to think or art and rhythm as a science, Miller really breaks this barrier especially when talking about his methods of composition.


Research Design Process Response

The methods explained by Eric Zimmerman were really interesting to me because it was easy to see parallels between the scientific method and the design research process Zimmerman went through in order to complete his games. The games seemed really simple in concept, but I never imagined there was so much “test; analyze; refine. And repeat,” involved in the entire process. I never realized how an idea in cases like these can start as a simple concept, and then after testing sometimes turn into something completely new. I think that if I were to implement the iterative methods Zimmerman mentions that I could come up with some cool concepts for a motion graphic.