Rhythm Science

The book by Paul D. Miller really worked as an inspiration for this class. I was very interested in the way the author seems to see the world as if it worked like everything was part of a giant computer.
Through his words, I could also see the context where this booked was developed. Early 2000’s was surrounded by a profound science and computing culture (Matrix, The 2000 effect) and the text breathes with all these concepts.
Reading from the point of view of a DJ also brings some interesting points on how we feel sound and vision.  I liked the historical perspective he brings to elements from our nowadays live like internet or music by comparing them with elements that come from a complete analogical era (mixtape, jazz…).
Actually, I found ironic to have this text as a reading because the author keeps referring to sound over and over. It was at the end of the reading that I realized how he had amplified the concept of sound to everything that surrounds us giving a new form to some old ideas.


My Thoughts on Iterative Design

The thing I found the most interesting about this text was how Iterative Design always works on testing their product a lot of times before any change or release.
Nowadays, film is moving an important part of his industry into Interactive products. These are focused more on the user than the audience and it will be very important to test everything we do before it comes out because sometimes there’s a lot of money involved in that production. Some time ago I found on the internet the picture that, in my opinion, exposes perfectly how important is to think about the user before creating/building anything. I post the image as I see many connections with the text: