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Final Project

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Assignment: Soundscape

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Artist Statement: Motherhood

I have always known that I want to be father. Feel that I am something else than a body and know that I can forget about it to dedicate my soul to a being that comes from me. For this being I would be brave and capable of many heroic things. However, there will be a day in which he would see that I am vulnerable too, I am scared sometimes and I would never stop loving him for those weaknesses.

I have had this feeling on my skin since I truly knew my mother. Since the day that I could see her as a woman. Since the day that I was able to describe the infinite love she feels for my brothers and me. What is it behind motherhood? Why can it raise our soul to a higher level?

Being mother is giving, it means sharing, care and the desire to protect the most sacred thing God may give us: a child. In Spain, the mother cannot eat until she sees everyone eating on the table. She hides her grief and she is willing to stand every pain if it means a benefit for her children. Whether it is their leaving out of the country or the end of a marriage full of pain. Her words always show love: “adiós mi vida”, “¿Has comido?”, “Abrígate”, “Hazme caso”, “Mi niño”, “Te quiero vida mía”. She also has a strong character, and she feels rage when people betray her. She choses the right words and she knows what it is best to keep in secret. Almodovar would claim them as the best actresses, I just think they always know what is best. Go to sleep and change, sweetheart, go to sleep and tomorrow I will be here.

I have always wanted to be a father, but my feelings ask me to act like a mother. This is why I want to find out what makes motherhood so special, what makes Spanish motherhood different from the rest. This is why I look at my mother and I cannot help but asking: What do you feel when you look at us? How did this instinct grow inside you? When was the first time you felt like a mother?

There is a saying in Spain: “Pueden haber muchos padres, pero Madre, Madre sólo hay una en esta vida” (There may be many fathers, but Mother, there is only one Mother in this life).

Final Storyboard

This is the beggining of my final project in which I want to illustrate an interview with my mum about what being “mother” means to her.


In this first sequence, this gypsy woman is singing a song to her child to make him fall asleep. When she starts saying: “Vamos niño, duérmete ya” (C’mon boy, fall asleep), the screen goes to black and the title sequence goes up: “Mamá”.


After the title, I will use short shots of flowers to make the transition and establish the next ones.


Here we can appreciate the relationship between these two women using flowers to comb their hair and look pretty upon the cameraman.


Then, the shot of the statue of the virgin establishes the following location in this creative geography.


This is the way my grandmother Hipolita used to dress, with her mantilla and peineta. The relationship between women and their desire to take care of one  another, is expressed with the flowers.


This would be the end of the beginning of my final project. For the next sequence I am going to use some family movies from my childhood. In the use of these clips, I want to focus on my mother and her interactions with us: my brothers and me.

“Parache, el Bailador” (1895-1900) José Tapiró y Baró

Painting Sequence

Typography: ANDROIDE EGO



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