Kristen Berlo

Final Project – 3/16/2017

Final Abstract

The purpose of this project is to create a 30 to 90 second motion graphic video that captures and illustrates the family that is the core of the Boston Bruins NHL team. Coming into this project I am determined to not only learn new effects that could be applied to video and text but to also learn how different effects can contribute to the story of the video itself.

The beginning of my project starts off with an animation of scale of the Boston Bruins logo. The logo itself overlays the a video montage of the TD Garden (where the Bruins play), as well as different plays, hits, and goals that illustrate how electric and intoxicating the professional hockey environment can contain. Once the Bruins logo fills the screen entirely, it is then quickly “burned” off to reveal a clear image of the video montage that has been playing the entire time. The moment the logo burns off, there is an video of a very physical fight between a Bruin player and a Canadians player. Having the fight as the first clear video the audience witnesses, it is like they are getting hit as well while the players are fighting.

The video then transitions to showing player actions to showing fan excitement. The fans are a crucial part to all athletic teams, but the Boston Bruins fans in particular are especially loyal to their team and their town. Throughout this video, I strived to gain the attention and interest of those who are not familiar with professional hockey in order to show them how truly amazing this sport is and the community that lies behind it. Having quick edits of screaming, excited fans allow for a strong editorial energy that naturally comes even without sound. For the first drafts of the video, I plan on not using sound so that I can create a visual energy to drive my work from start to finish. Once I feel I have enough visual energy throughout my video I will then add in a strong pump-up song to put the cherry on top.

Moving forward in the video, I transition back to the players as I highlight three key players of the Boston Bruins. The first highlight is of the enforcer, Brad Marchand. Marchand is the bad ass of the Bruins who plays hard every single game while also having a sniper of a shot. Next is the assistant captain Patrice Bergeron. Bergeron is an excellent leader who the Bruins have turned to for many seasons to be the glue of the team. Lastly is the 6’9″ captain himself Zdeno Chara. Chara is a powerhouse who is recognized by Bostonian sports fans across the country. These three players have been key to the success of the Bruins franchise and including them in my video only contributes to the intensity and Boston culture vibe that I am striving for.

To finish the video I will use another motion graphic created out of the Boston Bruin’s “B” logo. I am not fully sure how I am going to animate that graphic but I feel it will come to me as I mess put the video together. The final video following the motion graphic is the Boston bear that follows every pregame pump-up video. This bear is important to me personally because it fully caps off a Boston Bruins filled video in the only way I could see fit which is that of the Bruin growl.

As I continued working on this video as I described above, I attempted to make my initial introduction with the Boston Bruins logo and it came out fairly decent. I was able to give it a more metallic look that was simply okay but not at the level that I wanted my video to be at. However, as I completed my preliminary storyboard there was something off with the flow of the video that did not sit well with me. For the longest time I attempted to make my initial video with the intended sound track but there was always something off and I could not put my finger on it. It was at this point that I knew some things needed to be changed. With the mindset that changes needed to be made, it was there that I continued to play with the introduction of the Boston Bruins logo by attempting to apply different effects on it. Still, I was unable to find the right effect that went not only with the video but with the sound track (which I later will describe how I change the song). Then I came across the shatter effect. Putting the shatter effect on the introduction, along with some animation of Y axis rotation and speed, I was able to create an introduction that set a standard of the rest of the video.

Another major change that I made to my video was changing the sound track. At first, I was going for a sound track cut up of “Ballroom Blitz” but I switched to a song called “New Blood” by Zayde Wolf. This song is everything and more. It brings an unique intensity and energy that really brings out the feeling I wanted my video to have. There are also strong beats that allowed me to edit the video and cuts accordingly in order to bring the sound track and the film clips together. Once I cut the sound track the way I wanted to, there was some difficulty in getting the film to cut exactly on beat. That being said, just a couple of timing edits were applied and the timing was spot on. I knew I made the right decision in the sound track change when I felt a new excitement in how seamlessly the video flowed from start to finish.

The next change I made to the storyboard was getting rid of the three individual player sections. I did this mainly because it looked cheesy in the video as well as the fact that three people do not make up an entire team. Taking out the three images allowed for more time to include high intensity game moments that truly make the video what it is. Through applying slow motion to certain film clips, I was able to create brief moments of player highlights without making it too obvious. By manipulating the speed of different film clips, I was able to draw the viewers attention to specific aspects of the clip that also emphasize the strong beats of the sound track. The one difficulty with the clips that I was able to find was the formatting. All of the clips had their own dimensions so it was a challenge to find the right dimension to fully encompass every clip will still maintaining a decently clear video. Some areas of the video have some cut offs of players heads or bodies but I feel that the area that is shown puts a stronger emphasis on the part of the clip that I want the viewer to focus on.

The final major change that I made to the story board was including animated text toward the end of the video. This change mainly occurred due to the sound track change. I cut the sound track to include a section where it is purely instrumental and has excellent beat hits. Because of the strong final beats, I had the words “Let’s Go Bruins” illuminate individually as the final three beats hit. To animate the texts, I created three sections of a one small clip in After Effects where the words would illuminate and then immediate fade out only to have the next word illuminate and fade out until all three words had their own illumination. It was interesting as I had initially created the words at a random time and then I would include the sound track just to get the timing correct. Thankfully, the time that I randomly put the words at was spot on with the beat hits and there was no editing that needed to occur. Now that the text clip was finished I rendered it and brought it in to Premiere to finish off the video.

Even though I made major changes to the final storyboard, I am extremely happy with the final result. The changes I made show that even though a plan might be in place, there is always room for improvement. Sometimes our stubbornness of our creative process can blindside us from making the video reach its full potential. I realized this when making the introduction changes and from there kept an open mind to the rest of the video. This allowed me to make the other major changes that, in the end, created a video that has the potential to be shown on a jumbo-tron at a Boston Bruins home game. The entire process of creating this short video was extremely eye-opening for me and I know I will carry it throughout my video making career.

Word Count: 1,502

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Midterm – 2/16/2017



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