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My project is going to be a simple video of a candle flickering near a windowsill on a rainy day. The video begins with a wide shot of the window with the candle alongside it on a table, then it slowly zooms in until it is a closer shot of the candle. As the candle begins to flicker, the color of the flame changes with each flicker until the flame goes out. Once the flame goes out, the whole thing will cut to black and end. Overall, it should be about two minutes long. To complete the project, I will also add sound effects for the rain and the candle flame along with some soft instrumental music. The sound effects will help complete the ambience of the video, along with including sounds that are necessary to such images. The video will be mainly about aesthetic and have a more artistic approach to it; it won’t have an intended purpose.
I decided to do this because I like the contrast of the dark colors of the room and the rain next to the candle and the flame it holds. The rainy background and the candle are the focus of animation. The only other animation is going to be the zooming occurring in the beginning. There will be multiple layers to create the final look though. The window will be one layer, a table for the candle, the candle itself will be two more layers, and the rain will actually make up four layers. Rather than stretching out one layer of rain for the whole window, each window panel is going to consist of one layer of rain to prevent the rain from looking pixelated and unrealistic. Apart from all those layers, I will also have to add several effects to be able to blend the layers together to make sure it will look as just one image. I did, however, want the video to have an aspect of fantasy to it. I plan to make the table and the candle look animated and probably hand drawn in front of a real window. Animation is always fun to see in film, especially when it stands out in scenes and I would really like the candle to stand out, so I feel that adding a filter to make it look more like a cartoon will help keep the focus on it. This is also the first time I am making a motion graphics project so I decided to go with something that was somewhat simpler but still interesting. I feel like the biggest obstacle is going to be making the flames change color but it will certainly be an interesting process to learn how. With this project I’ll be able to learn the basics of the adobe programs and be able to create more advanced original motion graphics or even animations. In the meantime I’ll enjoy being able to play with fire, even if it is digital fire.

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