Melinda Guo

Fianl Project – Ocean in Dream

Final Project Critique

Jiahong Melinda Guo

Prof. Laila Shereen Sakr

Film 109- MG

16 March 2017

I never thought that I can make this happen.

Everything goes wrong when I was making this project. It just does not head into the exact direction that I want. I feel like it is no longer something that I want to make from the beginning. However after I treated every step as carefully as I can, the overall work turns out surprised me in some way. I did not intend to make something so dreamy and unrealistic, whereas when I finished it and look back, it is indeed a reflection of my mind. That is what I expect to see. That is my passion for the ocean.

At the very beginning of this class, this rough idea, which wave connecting sunset and night by water drops rising from wave, came to may mind but I had no idea how to realize it, and it even bothered me a lot at the beginning. Thanks to the encouragement of my professor and classmates, with their help I pushed myself to figure out a way.

Make it easy- starting from steady image. Creating storyboard seems like meaningless to me at first, since I can make a storyboard  out of this very easy, but making video out of it is completely different. However it turned out that the storyboard really helped me a lot. I have already got most of the footage when creating the storyboard, and came up with a clear idea of how the scene would look like. Following the frame of storyboard I start to seek what I need to make it move.

Searching footage is always a hard saturation. Unwilling to pay for the expensive footage online, I spent a lot of time finding the wave footage, from which I start to consider building my own footage storage, collecting little piece of work day by day and classifying them would be very helpful in the future.

I have known about masks, particle effects and greenscreen for a long time, but never tried to do it, for did not have chance, also for thinking it would be too difficult. Finally in this class I push myself to try all of them. It can be quite complicated, consuming a lot of time, but I did it! I am quite familiar with particle effects and masks,and ready for new challenges!


Sound Project


Final Storyboard 2.14.2017

Mood board








This idea comes from my constant passion about the ocean and stars. I will never get tired watching the waves, getting higher and higher and breaking down, from the dusk too the night, and that the original thought of this project, the wave changing the sky into the night. Once when I was sitting on the beach, I saw the cloud above the ocean, very close to the horizon, and the breaking waves just looks like the cloud, falling into the ocean. Also many times at night when I watch the stars be the beach, the Canopus is just 4 degrees above the horizon, like the stars raising from the ocean. I start to think about making this fantasy into a video.

As shown in each of the storyboards, the project begins from a peaceful beach scene at dusk. As the sun goes down, a huge wave appears gradually. It is so huge that covers the entire screen, turning the dusk into the night, as well as the sun into the moon. Some water drops rise from the ocean when the wave breaks down, and rising into the sky turning into the stars. I add a new part to this project — After the stars reach the sky, they begin to move around, slowly gather together and form the typography. The typography explodes into stars and spread away, back into the whole screen, gradually turning the screen into black, thus end of the project.

This project is the realization of my imagination, holding my great love of the nature, and the way I want to share with others.



Typography 2.6.2017

Typography 2.4.2017


Images 2,2,2017


Storyboard 1.26.2017



Mood Board 1.17.2017moodboard2

A short response to Play as Research: The Literative Design Process